What is a commitment session?

This is a photo shoot of your couple that usually takes place several days before the wedding, in a place that inspires you, a place that you like or that has a meaning for you.

What interest ?

In fact there are several, starting with the fact that you will be able to familiarize yourself with the objective as the session, and with me at the same time, so the D-day you will be less intimidated, more relaxed and therefore more natural, and this will be reflected in the photos. It is also an opportunity to see together the style of images that you like and those you do not like, it will allow me to better understand your tastes, your style, to see how far you want to go, also of install a climate of trust between you and me.

Another advantage these photos can be used to personalize your announcements, menus, programs, etc. and to go further make a slideshow that with a (*) projector scroll during the reception to offer a touch of romance to your mood.

How should one dress?

As you wish, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, just like in everyday life.



(*) Available as an option with Avanced / Extra formulas.

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